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As technologies improve, Telehealth (also referred to as Telemedicine) is continuing to grow into a stronger stream of healthcare services.  At Protocol, we connect physicians, therapists, psychologists and advanced clinical providers (PAs, NPs) to top telehealth opportunities.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is defined as the diagnosis, treatment, and care of patients through a remote connection, enabling the delivery of quality healthcare over greater distances and to remote areas.  State Licensing requirements are defined by state legislature.

Telehealth removes distance, inconvenience, and the potential of exacerbating medical problems created by being transferred, potentially improving the outcomes of patient care.  It can eliminate some of the cost found in traditional healthcare delivery models and allows providers to focus on quality care while removing practice politics, long on-call hours, and other less-desirable elements from the employment equation. 

Many insurers are covering telemedicine care in greater numbers because telemedicine offers a cost-effective option for quality medical care.  Medicare and Medicaid offer some coverage for specific telemedicine treatments and legislation continues to drive expansion in this market.  Currently, approximately 70% of states require private insurance companies to cover telemedicine services in the same way they would cover traditional in-person care.  Protocol is such a believer in telehealth that we offer it as a benefit to our employees.

The very nature of telehealth means that you do not have to travel to provide care.  If you are interested in traveling, there are telehealth providers located nationwide seeking quality medical professionals and therapists (and Protocol operates an entire travel healthcare division).  Schools, hospitals, medical groups, senior living communities, skilled nursing facilities, and rehab centers are just a few of the examples where Protocol can help you find the telehealth opportunity that’s your ideal fit.

Protocol connects medical professionals with telehealth opportunities for many job durations, allowing providers the ability to choose their ideal schedule. Telehealth opportunities can occur on weekends, specific days, or several weeks.  Because telemedicine is provided remotely, providers have the ability to choose where, and when, they work in this field.

If you are interested in practicing telehealth or if you have more questions about this growing approach to healthcare/therapy, contact our experts in telehealth consulting and staffing today.  We can help you understand the qualification requirements, along with making the credentialing process much easier.  Protocol is proud to include on our leadership team a nationally recognized, multi-certified expert in the telehealth field, who was chosen by the American Telehealth Association as an “ATA Connector.”


Areas Protocol staffs for include:

  • Hospitals

  • Medical groups

  • Schools

  • Senior living communities

  • Skilled nursing/long term care facilities

  • Rehabilitation facilities

  • Addiction recovery

  • Healthcare plans


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